samedi 11 février 2017

Hi everyone so today i’m going to talk to you about my favorite series and movies but truthfully i don’t rellay like watching  series like i’ve said before and i never never watch all the épisodes of my series .
I prefer reading yes I know it’s not the activity that everyone prefers but it’s me , I have a lot of imagination I prefer reading and imaging that watching .
But it’s not today’s topic now I have to speak about my favorite series ….. and yes I watch sometimes some series I found interesting but it’s very very very unusual mostly in my free time .
 The first série I started wtaching was «  Desperate Housewives » it’s an original serie that talks about  the misadventures of four women at homes completely despair in their lives. Susan  is the divorcee who raises her daughter alone and tries to recover from the departure of her husband, Lynette  who is forced to stay at home raising three very turbulent children while she was dreaming, Gabrielle , the model who is bored to die at home because her husband is rarely at home and finds comfort in the arms of his young gardener barely 16 years old and bree  the perfect housewife with a perfect life that all neighbors auld but who sees her world collapse when her husband asks for divorce. At the same time they try to unravel the mystery of one of their neighbors named Paul young who seems to hide heavy secrets following the mysterious suicide of his wife named Mary Alice ... "desperate housewives" is a cult series that marked the 2000s . The misadventures of her 4 women at the homes are exciting to follow and especially very funny. The very moving life of her women is treated humorously with a devastating humor totally shifted. Telling such dramatic things (divorce, adultery etc.) on the tone of humor and shifting was something totally innovative and original and its fly. We often laugh. In parallel with their daily misadventures our 4 women in the homes will attempt to unravel the mystery of Paul. The concept is great that having to locate the action in a residential suburb with this question that arises do we know our neighbors well? Basically we all have a few things to hide and the neighborhood of wisteria lane contains secret and mysterious secrets that begins with the suicide of a mother of family name Mary Alice who looked happy apparently but who apparently hide well Secrets. It will then be the starting point of a multitude of secrets that will shatter and mystery that will unveil . The narration is Also innovative with a narrator who comments on the misadventures of our four women in homes. A series that contains an excellent mix of genres between drama, mystery, humor and police intrigue with its lot of suspense. A mix of genres that makes this series a totally original and innovative series. The caractères  are all  very engaging. The second roles are also very good (Carlos, Eddie Britt, rex, Tom, Karl, Paul young, mike ...). Interesting new characters will integrate the series as the seasons and will come and offer and renew the casting Spoiler:. The decor of the series (the district of wisteria lane) is very beautiful and makes us want to live there. The music is great and sticks well to the atmosphere of the series. 
The seconde série that I appreciate is How to get away with murder ,it focuses on a brilliant lawyer and law professor, Annalize Keating  who prefers to teach in the field rather than an university. To do this, she introduces a spirit of competition in the promotion she is responsible of fto choose the best of them to assist her in her practice. The latter is known to turn the law to his advantage whatever the situation of the defendant of which he defends. But that year, the five students who work for her are themselves involved in a murder …This série is very very interesting and there is a lot of suspense . But I haven’t finish it yet 
The third série is sens 8 . The rhythm of the serie is slow, the characters and their stories allow to pass episodes of one hour in five minutes. At first I doubted this series. But the more I watched episodes, the more I admired the incredible work that was established at the heart of filming around the world. Each person has an  identity to study. It reminds me of Lost, where we took a delight to immerse ourselves in the life of those strangers who come from everywhere but yet united by something special. And I love this idea of ​​being able to bring totally different people around something unique. The subjects covered are very heavy:  Murders, Weddings, Prison ...  and it  anodin me a bit sometimes but no, it's rpretty well done the mixe of stories. All this led to a mysterious scientific intrigue. I hope that the series will be renewed, and that it will have some success because it deserves ample. It is unusual to see such a complete work today. I'm halfway through Season 1. This serie will appeal to those who want to travel through 8 different countries,. 
And finally the last série I’m going to talk about is The leftlovers  I admit, this serie Ipretty good… The serie  begins  by a  risk, we don’t understand nothing at the beginning . And either it works and in these case it worked .And honestly, like the first season, I must admit that it took me a few episodes again to fully adhere to the choices made by the scenarist. Over the first half of the season, I experienced a funny roller coaster game, where the series once again performed its balancing act between fantastic and mystical on one side, and disenchanted and rational tale of the other. If some episodes totally snapped me , others left me more on my hunger , while some of them  made me graze the stall .But, once again, the sequence of episodes, the progressive resolution of all these cleverly maintained and unraveled mysteries  is vey well done in the série .The serie dares to approach everything, always with the same air of melancholy, disillusionment, sincerity above all. It is very rare, I think, that a work has also used the fantastic spring to better share and feel the power of fear  in our daily life ... 

So I finished writing about 4 of my favorites series and I hope you enojed reading it .

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  1. Hi Selma, my name is Jojo. I love reading too. I watch tv also and i've never really watched your two favorite series. Maybe someday I can try it out. Well what are some of your hobbies? Do you have a favorite movie? What kind of music do you like? Do you watch your favorite shows with your family? If you want please check out my blog too.