mardi 15 novembre 2016

Hi everyone , I'm back and this time I'm going to talk to you about something that is necessary for all the people and that helped all the teenagers , something that makes us feel better , something that changes our bad mood into a good mood , some words and situtians that are described in and reflect all our problems , a shelter for students  who are sad , a moment to relax : MUSIC
Personally I listen to all genres of music I LOVE MUSIC . I listen to reggaeton , reggae , jazz , hip hop , rap , Rn'B, remixes ( there are my favorite in fact )  ........ ALL OF THEM . I often listen ton music when I wake up ( but only on the weekends or vacations because my parents take my phone the whole week from Monday to Friday so I can study without being distract by social medias ) , I listen to music when I study , when I go out , when my parents compels me to go running ..
I have a lot of favorite songs of all genres of music
Reggae  :  is this love from bob Marley ( I posted a remix that I appreciate too )

Rap : I listen to French rap and I  don't thong my teacher will appreciate that I post them because there a few bad words
 Reggaeton :

As you can see I love Spanish and Latinas songs 

And I forgot when if my favorite French music
And I like other songs but I guess that everyone knows them because they are very famous 
And sorry I forgot almost all my playlist because I don't have my phone to check at them 

3 commentaires:

  1. I really like reggae as well. My favorite reggae song is a song called "Reggae Shark". Look it up on youtube it's really good. I also like Tupac because I'm thug. I also like other music that doesn't involve being a thug, but mainly i like thug music.

  2. I agree with you. Music is a big part of my life and actually helps me focus and work better. The music I listen to (dubstep) can almost always change my mood from bad to good! Music motivates me.

  3. I have been musical since before I could talk I am a singer, guitar player, and a piano player so I get it! :)