lundi 28 mars 2016

A letter to the future me

For you , my dear 

Hello future Selma , how are you ? I was just wondering if all my dreams came true and if i have reached all my goals that’s why I’m writing a letter to the future me and also because I wanted to express my feelings and talk about my projects and my life .I wish that I’m going to read this letter later on when I’ll be 40 years old and  remember my youthful  expectations about the imminent me and compare myself to what I really look to at that time.I’m going to start talking about the most important thing for me in life : « studies » . Nowadays my biggest dream is first off get a very good grade in my finals tests to have the ability to go to any good school I want . After I want to do medical studies because I like helping people and feeling myself useful in this planet . Afterwards I want to start working  in Casablanca and later on when i’ m going to be ready because of my experience in the field subsequently i’ll  be able to  travel all around the world . Right away I’ m going to talk about my friends I ‘m going to be honest with me I don’t think that i’m going to keep the same friends because we’re going to be detached in consequence of each other  dreams  and each other  schools  in different cities . . And I really want to have good friends who I can rely on . Future me, don’t forget your true values and never give up .I I’ll be very proud of you if you're happy about everything that you've done .  I  think that when I’ m going to be 40 years old I’ll be married to someone expecting from  that someone to be kind with me and probably at that age with our children. Dear future me, I   pray for you to be everyday gathered with your family at lunch and dinner time , to be close to your kids , to get along well with your husband , to be blooming with your job , to do sport to keep your body well maintained , to have a good social life with friends , go out from time to time , to educate your kids satisfactory , to continue practicing your passion , to support your kids in every moments , to help them .. And don’t forget you’re braver and stronger than you think . Take care and always trust on you and your abilities . WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT IF WE WANT TO.

See you soon 

Selma Amrani 

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